TC-D5ProII Crystal Sync Recorder


Frequency Response: (Dolby NR Off)             Headphone Specifications:
              40 to 15khz (Chrome Tape)                        Load Impedance- 8 ohms
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (w/Dolby "B" NR)                            Power Output- 20mw
                    61dB. (Chrome Tape)        Power Requirements: 
Harmonic Distortion:                                      3vdc., 2 "D" Alkaline cells     
                     1.3% (Chrome Tape)                 approx. 5.5 hours record time  
Mic Input Sensitivity:                         Dimensions:
                    0.25mv w/low-Z mic                               9.5 x 6.7 x 2.0"
Line Output Level:                             Weight:
                  0.435v into 47K load                           3.7lbs (w/batteries)


The TC-D5ProII is the latest version of the popular D5 series from Sony. Since the D5ProII is sold through Sony's Pro Audio Division it is a bit more expensive than the D5M. The ProII is mechanically identical to the TC-D5M. In many respects it is also electronically the same with two major exceptions. In place of the 1/4" mic input connectors found on the TC-D5M, the ProII uses true balanced XLR inputs. Also, the TC-D5ProII is designed only to run normal and chromium tape formulations. It will not accept metal tape cassettes like the TC-D5M.

Like the TC-D5M, the ProII recorder also features Dolby B noise reduction, switchable peak limiter, switchable 20db mic attentuator switch, VU meters, built-in playback speaker, separate headphone amp with level control, a disc-drive capstan system and manual recording gain controls.

In our modification we provide a sync mode selection switch inside the cassette compartment, internal 60hz. crystal generator and adaptation for our Micro Resolver. The recording controls are separated to allow for independent gain adjustment of each channel. A headphone patch is supplied to prevent listening to the sync signal during extended monitoring. The recorder can still be used for standard stereo non-sync recording and playback.

As part of our total system approach to the TC-D5ProII Crystal Sync Recorder we are manufacturing a completely new Micro Resolver to allow for automatic transfers of your location cassettes directly to videocassette or fullcoat mag stock. By owning your own Resolver the complete acceptability of your sync sound material by any transfer house in the country is assured.

The complete package includes carrying case with neck strap, AC adaptor, 10' XLR microphone cable and headphone patch. The TC-D5ProII is also available with a 50hz. crystal generator.

The recorder is no longer available from Sony.

Modification to TC-D5ProII, only: If you have on in good condition, it can be modified for $550

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