WM-D6C Crystal Sync Recorder



Frequency Response: (Dolby NR Off)             Headphone Specifications:
              40hz to 15khz (Metal Tape)                     Load Impedance 8 ohms     
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (w/Dolby "C" NR)                         Power Output- 20mw      
                      71dB. (Metal Tape)       Power Requirements:               
Harmonic Distortion:                                  6vdc., 4 "AA" Alkaline cells
                       1.0% (Metal Tape)               approx. 4 hours record time        
Mic Input Sensitivity:                         Dimensions:             
                     0.25mv w/low-Z mic                        7.25 x 1.62 x 3.75" 
Line Output Level:                             Weight:            
                   0.25v into 4.7K load                  1 lb. 7 oz. (w/batteries)


The WM-D6 Crystal Sync Recorder is the smallest and lightest analog cassette recorder we convert. It is also the most popular recorder we have ever offered a sync conversion on. We were the originators of the "Pro Walkman" sync recorder and our conversion is still the most elegant. Hundreds have been sold since the early 1980's . These units have literally been used around the world...in every possible climatic and environmental condition known to man. The WM-D6C and it's predecessor, the WM-D6 have performed in situations when other more conventional sync recorders have simply quit functioning. The simple, open design of the analog cassette format allows for a highly reliable and stable transport. We make no apologies for this little machine.

The Sony WM-D6C is a superbly designed cassette recorder that we have carefully adapted to include an internal 60hz. (or 50hz.) crystal sync generator and to interface with our Micro Resolver. It is, in our opinion, the first viable alternative to the Nagra SNN mini sync recorder in that it offers truly impressive audio specifications in a very small package. By using todays high-grade metal and cromium tape cassettes together with the built-in B-C Dolby noise reduction, the WM-D6C can deliver location sound rivalling that of even the full-size Nagras. It is a recorder worth considering for general documentary location work requiring a top quality sound track on a limited budget.

The WM-D6C Crystal Sync Recorder uses the NAB standard for stereo cassette recording by placing the crystal sync signal on the right track of the tape. This format is known as "mono with sync". One of the channels records the sync signal leaving the remaining channel to record the audio. Cassettes may be used in normal fashion including recording on both sides for maximum tape utilization.

In addition to the sync recorder conversion we also supply our custom Piggyback Adaptor assembly. This specially manufactured unit is configured as a sort of "side car" assembly to the back of the D6C's carrying case. It's function is to provide a secure industry standard female XLR mike connector input to the audio track. The connector is the finest Switchcraft brand. It is permanently attached to the case with only a single cable connection to the D6C required. The Piggyback Adaptor is only included on Film Group WM-D6C conversions!

Using the WM-D6 in the field is simple and straightforward. Since the internal crystal sync level is preset no attention to it by the filmmaker is ever required. Proper operation of the crystal is always indicated on the LED "VU" meter. Therefore, the single recording gain control on the D6 is solely for adjusting the microphone level.

In addition, provisions have been provided for operator selection of monitoring the sync signal in the headphones or for listening to just the audio track in both ears. The adjustable monitor control on the WM-D6C provides for setting the headphone level to a comfortable point. Also, the wide output impedance range will accommodate almost any type and brand of user preferred headphones. A 1/4" stereo headphone patch is included as standard equipment.

As part of our total system approach to the WM-D6C Crystal Sync Recorder we are manufacturing a completely new Micro Resolver to allow for automatic transfers of your location cassettes directly to videocassette or fullcoat mag stock. By owning your own Resolver the complete acceptability of your sync sound material by any transfer house in the country is assured.

The complete package includes carrying case with neck strap, AC adaptor, Piggyback Adaptor, 10' XLR microphone cable, headphone patch cable and line input/output cable.

The recorder is no longer available from Sony

Modification to D6C, only: If you have one in good condition, it can be modified for $550

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