50hz/60hz Crystal Sync Generator

Our Crystal Sync Generator allows almost any high quality stereo* or multi-track analog cassette recorder to be used to record location lip-sync sound. Since it offers the user a selection of either 50hz. or 60hz. it is suitable for use anywhere in the world!

The chosen sync frequency is available at both a line level and microphone level output via the locking DIN socket. The line output can drive a sync head directly. The unit is encased in a cast aluminum housing measuring 2.25 x 4.25 x 1" and uses a single 9v. alkaline battery. We supply a velcro strip to attach the Generator to the side of your recorder. We will also supply the proper sync cable for any recorder you specify, including Nagra III or IV, Tandberg 11P, Uher 1000 or 1200, Sony and Marantz cassette recorders, etc.

Price: $400

*In order to use the Crystal Sync Generator the stereo recorder must have a separate gain control for both the left and right channel. We suggest recorders such as the Sony TC-D5M, TC-D5ProII or the Marantz PMD-430.

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