Pilotone to Digital Converter


Super-8 filmmakers who need to interface their camera with standard Nagra-type recorders via the pilotone sync input will find our Digital to Pilotone Converter of special interest. The unit is designed to accept 24fps switch closures, such as is provided by the camera's PC flash socket, and convert them into a steady 60hz. pilotone sync signal in perfect phase with the camera's running speed. This will enable any Super-8 camera to be used in cable-sync mode with a Nagra, or even an unmodified stereo recorder using one of the tracks for the sync signal. The Converter supplies a dual output for driving a line level or mic level input. It runs on one 9v. alkaline battery and incorporates a low-power standby mode. A phase-lock LED indicator is also provided.

As long as the camera is equipped with a PC flash contact, there are no modifications required to the camera at all. The Converter can be attached to the recorder with the velcro strip, provided. The Converter is normally supplied with a 10' connecting cable for the camera and a short 18" cable to the recorder. Please specify your camera and recorder at the time of order.

Price: $500

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