Welcome to TFG Film & Tape

At TFG Film & Tape, we offer the services you need to take full advantage of the video communications medium. Our 30 years of technical expertise and creative experience are available to you with just a phone call.  We're problem solvers... plain and simple and we can probably solve yours. Give us a call and let us earn your trust and respect. 

We're specialists in the archiving and transferring of old movie film including 8mm, Super-8mm, 16mm and even 35mm! Our film-to-tape telecine conversion process is unmatched by any other company and there is no one in Connecticut who has been doing film transfers longer than us. Our print and slide scanning system can give new life to your still images.

Our services also include the transferring of the more obscure and obsolete video tape formats as well as converting foreign video tapes to and from any country.

Our video production capabilities are often called upon by some of the most respected television program producers in the country. Just take a look at some of our clients...

ESPN, CNN, E! Entertainment, CBS, NBC, McDonalds, MTV Network, VH-1, Microsoft, Arts & Entertainment Network, Worldwide Television News, Hearst Entertainment, US Postal Service, Outdoor Life Channel, Greenpeace, The Travel Channel, Fox Sports, The History Channel, The Food Channel, CNET-TV, C-NBC, MSNBC, Pax TV...and many other not so famous clients.

Computers and video are a natural combination especially with their wide use in business and education. We have the knowledge and the capabilities to get you up to speed on this important new marriage of technologies, today! Our services include all kinds of digital video format conversions, DVD authoring, streaming media, non-linear editing, CD and DVD duplication.

Whatever your particular needs may be, we can probably help.
Call us and see for yourself.


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