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Bolex Camera About The Film Group:

The Film Group was created in 1975 by a student filmmaker who wanted to do professional quality sync sound film projects in Super-8. It quickly became evident to him the equipment needed to do so was extremely expensive to acquire. At the time Nagra's (the industry standard sync recorder) were selling for over $4,000! To a young filmmaker they might as well have been a million dollars...there was just no way one could hope to afford such equipment.

Not to be outdone by the situation, this filmmaker used his background in electronics to begin designing and building products that would allow him to overcome the biggest obstacle to professional sync sound film production...namely the high cost of the equipment necessary to do it. The Film Group was born in his basement.

Little by little products were developed to meet the needs of the struggling independent filmmaker. Products that would ultimately allow hundreds of up and coming filmmakers the opportunity to shoot professional quality sync sound motion pictures. Systems that would end up costing hundreds of dollars to purchase instead of thousands of dollars!

That was 34 years ago. Today, The Film Group is still a company where independent filmmakers know they can come for good value and honest advice. Please take a moment to look over our products and services. You may copy any of our pages at will. Please call or email us with any questions you may have about anything we offer or your filmmaking questions in general. We're glad to help.

After the Sale:

As we said, The Film Group has been serving the independent filmmaking community since 1975. We have lasted all these years because we have provided two things to our customers. The first is good value. Products that did what they claimed they would for a fair price. The second is service support. Being available before and after the sale if there was ever a question or problem with the product.

Repair service is something a customer normally does not think about when they are about to purchase a product. Most people assume they will be taken care of after the sale in a timely and fair manner. After all, they supported the manufacturer when they purchased their product, now it is up to the manufacturer to look after them in the same way.

As a filmmaker, you rely on your equipment to perform as designed. After all, it is your livelihood, in many cases. A product that needs service may very well cost you a job if you cannot get it taken care of quickly and properly.

The Film Group offers two kinds of products. Those which we offer some form of conversion or modification to, what is known as a value added product. The Sony sync recorders are products such as this. In addition, we also manufacture many products from scratch. These include our Micro Resolver, Blooper, Camera Crystals, etc.

All of our products are covered by our exclusive full one-year parts and labor warranty. If you should ever need immediate RUSH service on a Film Group product we pledge to you it will be taken care of within 72 hours after it returns to our shop. We can make this commitment because we only sell products we can service reliably and because we stock every part used in our entire product line!

As someone who makes a living with his/her equipment, you should demand no less from all your suppliers.

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Our Warranty:

We warrant all our products and conversions to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year, parts and labor. This includes the Sony cassette recorders we sell as complete packages.

We will not hold any warranty on recorders sent to us for modification beyond warranting the conversion work, itself. We will, however, offer you the same fast turnaround on service we offer to our "full package" customers.

Products needing service must be returned to our office in Wethersfield, CT.

The Film Group, 500-B Silas Deane Hwy., Wethersfield, CT 06109  (860) 529-1877

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