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Locate online sources for film making equipment, lab processing services, film stocks, camera repair, technical support and even articles and discussions relating to "small format" independent filmmaker issues of all kinds.
Cyber Film School
Sort of a "film school on the web".  Full of articles on all aspects of  filmmaking art and business.
Kodak Motion Picture Film
The Kodak web site dedicated to Super-8 film...its history on through to what still survives in their limited product line.
Constructing a dimmer for your Anton Bauer(tm) Ultalight 2
If you've got $25 and some spare time you can probably build this little electronic dimmer.
The Unofficial Eclair NPR Web Site
For lovers and owners of the Eclair NPR camera, this is a great site to learn about the interesting history of this rather underestimated and somewhat underappreciated 16mm camera.
Plattsburgh Photographic Services
Specilizes in obsure and unique lab services for the independent filmmaker such as custom processing of S8 and Double S8  Ektachrome 160 and VNF7240, Fuji Single 8 R25 and RT200 and old Agfa MovieChrome. Can provide push or pull processing of the above as well as reloading of Single 8 and Super-8 cartridges. Also processes B&W negative and reversal and does some limited 16mm processing. Offers sales of Reg. 8mm color and B&W stocks from Kahl Film of Germany.
Dwayne's Photo
Founded in 1956, Dwayne's Photo states "it is the only processor of Kodachrome movie film in the US". They will accept individual orders from customers. Being one of the largest film labs in the country, they employ over 180 people and handle over 10,000 orders per day!
John S. Craig
Recognized as a specialist in instruction manuals for all kinds of photographic equipment. They clain to stock more than 9,500 different booklets. Chances are the Super-8/16mm camera manual you're looking for can be had from this site.
Jeff Albro's Impact!
THE definitive listing for locating used camera dealers on the web...not just for the US, but around the world.
Prep Film Services Lab
Offers "affordable" processing of Kodachrome, Ektachrome, 16mm B&W and color negative and reversal as well as sales of all available S8 and 16mm film stocks. Claims to offer quick turnaround on Kodachrome and Ektachome and even offers a 3 day rush service!
Film Sound Design
A exhaustive source for all things sound-related put together by Scen Carlsson. More than just a site for movie makers, this tomb covers just about evey aspect of sound...aurally, emotionally and technically. Worth a visit if you're a serious sound recordist ar hope to someday become one.
The online version of the long standing publication of new and used photographic classifieds.
BPW Limited
Large selection of collectible-quality photographic equipment for sale including Super-8 cameras.
Super-8 Filmmaking
Mike Brantley's "internet resource" guide for Super-8 filmmaking.
Super-8 On A Budget
Michael Nyberg's article-packed site dedicated to Super-8 filmmaking...from film stocks to processing to tips & tricks to where to buy cameras and projectors on the cheap. Great source for the budding filmmaker!
Cameta Camera
Selling all kinds of used cameras with an advertised "6-month mechanical/repair warranty".
Chinese Lantern- A Simple Construction Project
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to build your own permanent, reusable "Chinese Lantern" and let you obtain the same soft, diffused light source the big guys use.
Dan Dugan Sound Design
Not only is Dan a dealer for The Film Group, he is also a Nagra expert and a premiere sound designer in his own right.
Reel Trading
THE source for the Russian Krasnogorsk 16mm cameras, modifications and service.
Du-All Camera
Need to get your Arri or NPR 16mm camera fixed? These guys are the ones to contact. George Gal is the master service tech and Steve Gal handles sales and rentals.
Wide Screen Centre
Offers Super-8 film and processing services for folks on the other side of "the pond". They are currently selling Kodak Color Negative Film 5274/7274 - the famous Vision 200T stock that's known as surveillance film for its high speed capabilities. Thay also have the Russian Quarz Chrome 50ASA Black & White cartridges for sale.
Small Movies
John Adair's wonderful site for filmmakers interested in the history behind the so-called small formats... Regular 8mm, Super-8mm and 16mm.  Also contains a camera-by-camera description of almost every model made.
Film Festivals Server
A great site that seems to list most all of the festivals not only in the US, but around the world!
Used Camera Showcase
Classified listings for all things photographic- Buy, sell and trade w/free listings.
Ritz Collectible Camera's Chat Board
Post your buy and sell listings here for free. You can even post questions about photography and filmmaking.

World-Wide Pro Audio Directory
If you are serious about audio you will find all the information you may ever need at this great site.
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