DVD Conversions
DVD or Digital Video Disk is fast becoming the format of choice for viewing major motion pictures. The advantages of DVD over conventional magnetic video tape are numerous. DVD offers more than twice the resolution of standard VHS videocassettes. It offers immediate random access capability. It supports a superior quality sound system as well as multi-language capability on the same disk. Not to mention the extended life of the medium.

From its inception, DVD has been reserved for high volume, mass duplication of programming. The complex nature of the DVD process, involving many sophisticated and somewhat expensive and labor intensive stages of production, have all but kept DVD away from the home, business and industrial video user. The good news is, all this is changing very rapidly. New technology now on the market allows the production of DVD's for single and small quantity lots that everyone can afford.

TFG Film & Tape is at the forefront in offering these new DVD transferring and conversion services. Using the newly adopted DVD-R format, we are able to record up to 2 hours per disc in the DVD Video mode. By employing a combination of: 1) Video signal time base correction 2) Digital picture noise reduction 3) Electronic image enhancement and 4) Audio equalization & noise reduction, we can produce a DVD conversion that, in many cases, may actually be superior in picture and sound quality to the original videocassette master.

If this means our rates for this conversion service appear higher than what some other firms and chain stores are charging, we ask you to consider the fact that no other local firm can claim to possess either our technical expertise or our level of equipment sophistication in offering you this DVD conversion service. After all, you only want to do this once, correct?

Why not have it done by the one company that can do it best?

Charges for converting videocassettes to DVD


( 2 hours is the maximum time per DVD-R )

Duplicate DVD's in quantities of 1 to 9 are just $6.50 each.
For larger orders, see our DVD Duplication page.

Conversion Notes:

Producing a DVD-R from an existing tape master requires the original program be converted into an Mpeg2 compressed raw file format. From there we author the DVD using computer software. This allows us to customise the look of the final DVD based on the individual needs and desires of the client. It also allows for the creation of chapter points (normally every 3 minutes) and thumbnails generated from the actual video tape, itself. Clicking on any of these picture icons will bring you to that exact point in the DVD instantly!

We allow up to two programs per single DVD-R conversion. Additional programs can be accommodated at a charge of $5.00 each.

A word about the life expectancy of DVD's

The companies that manufacturer blank DVD media will all claim their particular brand will last you "hundreds of years". While this may, in fact, be true (see us in a couple of hundred years and we'll let you know) it is also true that you can damage a freshly made DVD simply by running your finger nails over it making it virtually unplayable. If you've ever rented a DVD and had it simply stop playing or begin repeating the same scene over and over you've experienced a DVD that has been nicked or scratched by a previous user. It's very common and it happens all the time. What this means for folks who are rushing out to get their old video tapes converted over to DVD is this. You must take reasonable care of your DVD's, perhaps even more care in a way, than you have done to your video tapes in past years. That is, if you expect to be able to play them in the future.

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